PSI have integrated PHD clamps into the assembly line of one area of the press shop of an automotive company for 10 years and an extended solution is now being applied in other areas, in addition to replacing those clamps coming to end of life.

What was the problem?

Changes of tooling in the assembly line took time as there was no easy or quick method for removal and re-installation of the assembly line clamps. This whole process needed to be managed much more time efficiently inhouse.

The solution

The clamp assembly was expanded to include the sensor, cables and pre-wired connectors and the air pipe connectors. This meant that the whole unit could be removed from the box and fitted as a whole. Similarly, when tooling changes were required, the whole clamp assembly could be removed and re-fitted with ease using the new quick release mechanism.

Was any modification required?

While the PHD GRM2 clamps are standard, the quick release solution is bespoke.

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