Protecting assets in more ways than one – Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

We’re in the business of pneumatics, while also developing our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offering, specifically, remote, legacy asset monitoring.  Our longstanding partnership with MAC Valves and PHD ensure we offer the best technologies in fluid and electro-pneumatics, while also applying our ‘how things work’ engineering mindset.  Wanting things to work the best they possibly can led us into remote asset monitoring, with a further offshoot – Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring – this time, it is a different type of asset – people – that we want in the very best mental and physical condition.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring is simple and clean, a little different to our core business, and we’d like to share a project we’ve undertaken with one of the UK’s leading universities local to us – the University of Southampton.

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Roger Wilson is our Facilities Management expert, contactable on Linked In or 07391 228165