MAC valves has picked up on a distinct upward trend in one of their valves – the MAC series 26 Bullet Valve® is in demand for the specific application of hot melt gluing.  This likely correlates with the continuing pressure on the packaging industry to be innovative while also maintaining efficiencies, and the recognition that optimum performance and longer life replacement parts are essential for overall business performance and competitiveness.

The MAC series 26 valve is an easy ‘drop-in’ replacement valve for hot melt gluing systems and is proving to be the valve of choice as a quick, effective fix that also offers high performance and longevity. It’s a 5-way pilot operated poppet valve, suiting high speed jetting with its high repeatability, and its fast response time when adapting to how the hot glue system is set up.

PSI Technologies have provided engineering solutions using the MAC valve range across many industries, to include high speed applications, for 20 years. For more detail on these precise, high speed valves, you can download the Series 26 catalogue