Introducing PHD Pneu-Connect for UR Collaborative Robots

PHD’s Pneu-Connect System Simplifies End Effector Integration For Collaborative Robots

Pneu-Connect from PHD is a pneumatic end-effector system that provides seamless integration for Universal Robot and other collaborative robots at a third of the price of its electrical equivalents.

Pneu-Connect makes it easy to attach and control a pneumatic end effector on a Universal Robot utilizing on-board MAC directional control valves, requiring only a single air line and the tool port of the robot. The Pneu-Connect package includes the end-effector, a cuff that connects directly to the robot arm and “UR CAP” software—an application specific to the Universal Robot.

This video provides an introduction to the system and shows just how streamlined the solution and its integration is.

PSI Technologies are extremely proud to be the sole UK distributor for PHD. For more information click here…

PHD Pneu-Connect for Collaborative Robots
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