Solving issues that others can’t or won’t touch is a defining feature of PSI Technologies.  And these often go unnoticed because of much larger scale projects that feature more prominently.  However, such issues are of great importance to the customer and taking a current case, a printing company customer experienced a compressed air leak from their Joucomatic valves, a situation made worse by the fact that the valves in question had been discontinued.

The valves perform an important job on, in this case, an older MEGTEC paster machine (also known as a splicer) for a web press used for continuous production.  A flying paster works by ‘pasting’ a roll nearing its end onto a new role so that the press continues uninterrupted.  It is termed ‘flying’ because it accelerates the roll to the same speed of the press, to quickly perform the splice.

Flying paster - printingThe customer had approached a number of companies for help before PSI Technologies became aware and stepped in.  The issue was quickly identified and a schematic of the pneumatic control system created, with voltage, power consumption, amount of flow and other data gathered in order to create a solution in-house at PSI Technologies.  The solution was created simply, by configuring off the shelf MAC valves (57 series) and supplying the fittings to fully replace the Joucomatic valves.  MAC Valves are known for reliability and long life, and will certainly provide this paster with a new lease of life.

Solutions are no made no more difficult than they have to be at PSI, who have the confidence when spotting such issues to crack on and sort them out.  This confidence is largely due to 20 years of MAC sole distributorship and a great many years experience in the printing industry, culminating in the latest development – MAC spray dampening valves.  Find out more about the latest development and our work in the printing industry

Find out more about our relationship with MAC and the MAC product range.  MAC ISO Valves are another popular choice for printing companies.

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