Click & Grip Adjustable Gripper Tooling Kits

Our partners, PHD, are pleased to announce the release of the Click & Grip Adjustable Gripper Tooling kits! Click & Grip kits are available for an immediate tooling solution and are currently offered on five different PHD pneumatic grippers to cover a wide variety of applications. This tooling is constructed of 3D-printed, lightweight polyamide plastic in a segmented design,  ideal for cobot applications. The easy adjustability of the segments makes set-up and proof of concept fast and efficient and provides the flexibility with interchangeable components.

Since the Click & Grip kits are ideal for cobot applications, PHD has provided them as packages with the PHD Pneu-Connect Gripper systems and a new Click & Grip Catalogue contains all the technical information and dimensions for these kits.  Additionally, an updated version of the Pneu-Connect catalogue is now available, which provides a brief overview of Click & Grip and the new part numbers to include the appropriate kits with the package.

The Click & Grip kits can also be ordered separately for the specific grippers listed below.


Click & Grip Benefits:

• Fast configuration and reconfiguration
• Convenient “one side” adjustment
• Adjustable in 15° increments per segment
• Flexibility with interchangeable components. Segments can be added and removed allowing for endless combinations
• Design provides limited compliance – helpful during setups and around workers
• Corrosion-resistant fasteners
• Assembly tool conveniently supplied with kits
• Doweling included for easy base alignment

The PHD website now provides a dedicated section for the Pneu-Connect and Click & Grip products, “Gripper Accessories”.  Here you will find the information for each product, CAD and ordering numbers, and links to the catalogue.