MAC Bullet Valve® is a Game Changer

Continuing innovative additions to the MAC Bullet Valve® has enabled this product to grow and prove itself as a top performer, and the take up from all types of manufacturing industry worldwide has placed it firmly in the game changer class.

All MAC Valves are based on the fundamental premise that MAC Valves do not stick, yet the Bullet Valve® technology takes this to a whole new level.  There is simply no alternative to the MAC Bullet Valve® – here are the features that make it truly unique.  The benefits, of course, speak for themselves.

  1. High Shifting Forces Energisation
  2. High Shifting Forces De-Energisation
  3. Low Friction
  4. High Shifting Forces Unaffected by Pressure Variation
  5. High shifting Forces Unaffected by Contamination
  6. Wear Compensation

This less than 3 minute video takes us on a journey from the very first Bullet Valve® concept to where it is today