When it comes to annual maintenance, we provide an extensive and flexible service, from drop-in OEM replacements to repair, to advice on how to improve or get that extra bit of mileage from your machine.

As sole UK Distributors of MAC and PHD products we provide a range of container blowing machine component improvements, and our drop-in OEM replacements are listed on the following links:

For Stretch Blow and Injection Moulding processes:

Stretching cylinders, blow nozzle cylinders, high pressure pilots, eject slides and transfer arms and heads – please browse here and inform us of your needs.
For associated valves and more, take a look at our plastics manufacturing solutions.

Check your maintenance assessment list against our range, and be assured of our professional advisory service, repair service offering and reliable delivery. Call 02392 233611 and ask about our repair service offering, where you simply box up the parts needing repair or replacement and we’ll repair where possible or replace if needed.