Power Semiconductor Assembly & Test Services

We provide comprehensive power semiconductor assembly, test and drop shipment services to meet the needs of our customers.

Assembly Services

Assembly services refers to the process by which power semiconductors are packaged. The semiconductor package is critical to a chip's performance and functionality and is the interface that allows the semiconductor device to connect to the end product. Packaging serves to protect the chip and facilitate electrical connections and heat dissipation.

We provide a full array of assembly services for power conversion and power management semiconductors. We work exclusively with assembly processes that use leadframes or leaded assembly, the only assembly design that can accommodate the high voltage requirements of most power semiconductors. Power semiconductors assembly differs from standard IC assembly because it often requires special solder alloy die bonding machines and heavy-duty wire bond machines, usually using aluminum wire. Equipment designed for traditional wire bonding cannot accommodate the large diameter wire required for power semiconductors.

The latest assembly process capability we have acquired that offers more technical benefits to our power semiconductor customers' products is copper clip attach .

Design Services

We offer our customers design services to address their power packaging needs. When implementing new or custom package orders, we interact with customers early in the design process to optimize package design and ensure manufacturability. After a design is finished, we provide quick-turn prototype services. By offering package design and prototype development, we help our customers reduce product development costs, accelerate time-to-volume production, and ensure that new designs are properly packaged at a reasonable cost.

Test Services

Final test is the last stage in the back-end semiconductor production process before shipping the completed package. We provide final test services for power semiconductors. We use sophisticated test equipment owned by us, as well as those consigned to us by some of our customers, to test the electrical or product application attributes of each semiconductor.

We have the capability to test every power semiconductor we assemble. Outlined below is a brief description of our test capabilities.

  • Parameteric Testing – DC characterization of power semiconductor devices
  • Avalanche Testing or Unclamped Inductive Load Switching Testing - tests the capacity of the device to handle high voltage applications such as motors and power supplies.
  • Reverse Recovery Time Testing - measures the time it takes for current to go to zero when switching the flow of electricity from forward to reverse. This test measures the time it takes for the device to completely turn off.
  • Integrated Serial Testing - incorporates various tests into one-pass or single insertion.
  • Package Isolation Testing - tests the ability of the package to withstand electricity flow from the leads to the mounting surface.
  • Embossed Carrier Taping - the process of putting tested units into each pocket of the embossed carrier tape for automatic placement or mounting into the printed circuit board.

Materials Management and Drop Shipment Services

We provide our customers with a full range of materials procurement services and work with key raw material and equipment suppliers to ensure reliable production readiness at reasonable cost. We also provide packaging for shipment, including specialized packaging like tape and reel for surface mount packages and paper taping for standard packages. We provide drop shipment including the delivery of final tested semiconductors to our customers' end-customers in any part of the world.


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