Evac Compact Toilet Systems

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Evac Train’s focus on the rail industry enhances PSI’s own rail industry capabilities through the provision of state of the art vacuum solutions which set new standards for on-train hygiene. Time and again, they have raised the bar in terms of quality, efficiency and reliability, making Evac the undisputed leader in a demanding, world-wide market. As a consequence, Evac has acquired an outstanding track record in delivering vacuum toilet systems, spanning more than four decades.

The field experience from more than 80,000 installations in almost any country, climate condition and train type imaginable has given Evac an enormous wealth of insights into the real-life use of their products – which, in turn, is the basis for their constant evolution. Evac have generated bespoke solutions for single, double decker, sleeper and luxury trains as well as locomotives and busses – always cost efficient, user friendly, easy to maintain and in exact accordance to our clients’ wishes and requirements.

The Evac range includes compact, self-contained units which include vacuum generation at point of use, with and intermediary tank for grey water as well as systems with multiple toilets operated by centralised vacuum and waste water tanks. There is also a solution specifically for bus applications where a compact, self-contained unit has been optimised for use in a bus environment.

PSI can offer design support, supply, assembly and ongoing maintenance of vacuum toilet solutions and while the bulk of our operation supports the rail industry, these solutions and our capability is equally applicable to the bus, coach and marine industries.