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Allied Witan Company a specialist manufacturer of industrial noise control devices. Based out of the Cleveland, Ohio area for over 60 years they are focussed on the promotion of clean and quiet pneumatic operations.

Their complete line of air exhaust mufflers, all-metal mufflers and filters, porous metal filter silencers and breather-vent-filters help promote health and safety in the industrial workplace.

ATOMUFFLER® and BANTAM™ – Designed for noise control

Stop noise before it starts

The deafening roar of air exhaust isn’t just distracting – it also can be dangerous. Eliminate the noise and help keep employees safe with the Atomuffler® and Bantam™ designs for noise control, offered exclusively by the Allied Witan Company.

How They Work

The Atomuffler and Bantam muffler and filter product lines eliminate excessive noise by dividing the air stream and turning it back on itself. As air exhaust enters the muffler at high velocity, the Atomuffler and Bantam mufflers redirect it into smaller air streams that rebound off opposing walls of the chamber. With the air steams colliding head-on with each other, the velocity is reduced and the air is dispersed throughout the disseminator surface area. This technique eliminates noise without sacrificing machine performance.

How They Help

For more than 60 years the Atomuffler has been used in thousands of plants and countless applications, and the Bantam muffler has proven itself time and again for more than 40 years. They both have an outstanding ability to eliminate excessive noise for a more pleasant working environment while reducing potential physical injuries caused by extreme air blasts.


The Atomuffler’s radical, full-flow design uses interposing sound waves, multiple-stage velocity deceleration, an obstruction-free expansion chamber and a porous disseminator (filter element) to completely dissipate harmful air exhaust blasts. A large peripheral exhaust surface area diffuses the air blast, further lowering velocity and reducing air noise. The Atomuffler is ideal for reducing Exponentially Perceived Noise (EPNdB).