We’re sole UK distributors of the ContiTech range of Air Bags, Elastomeric and Metalastic mounts and the Rotafrix wheels, all designed to isolate vibration in an industrial capacity or in heavy off-road vehicles.

Our long experience in mining, primary metals, construction industries – aggregates, cement, bricks and blocks and with machine builders in these areas, particularly materials screening and industrial washing machines – means we’re well placed to advise on and supply air bags and actuators specific to the job.  Our distributorship extends to off-road vehicle applications and special purpose such as fairground applications.

In addition to air products for vibration isolation, we supply elastomeric and metalastic mounts – typically seating and engine mounts  in off road vehicles – and machine mounts, but also special applications like sea going vessel electronics, which need to be isolated from shock and vibration.

The Rotafrix wheel range are generally utilised in brick and block works, in fairgrounds, in rotating mills and some conveyor systems using trucks or ‘bogies’ on tracks.  We’re happy to advise in any of these situations.  To find out more, download technical brochures or use the ‘Air bag finder’, please visit our ContiTech page.