Research and Development Services

We focus our research and development efforts on developing packages and assembly and test services sought by our existing customers in order to service a greater variety of their power semiconductor production, as well as those packages and services required to attract new customers. In addition to the development of new products, we also focus on continuously maintaining and improving our high standards of production through extensive quality efforts.

One of the latest products that came out of our research and development is the Power QFN (Quad Flat No-Leads), a leadless package with peripheral terminal pads and exposed die pad for enhanced thermal performance. Our Power QFN utilizes a unique solder die attach process in combination with clip attach, aluminum or gold wire bond interconnects. The clip attach process offers lower package parasitic resistance, parasitic inductance, and Rds(on) versus the gold wire bonded package version.

We are now able to provide assembly and test services for power module products, after a thorough research and development efforts by our Technology group. Power modules allow us to offer packaging capabilities to our customers far beyond what the conventional discrete packaging solutions provide in terms of high voltage and high current applications. Our Power Modules may be custom-designed to meet the specific packaging needs of customers in product technology such as IGBT, Rectifier, Thyristor, FET and Bipolar.


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