Our quality policy is to "Deliver defect-free products and timely services to the utmost satisfaction of our customers, continuously improving Quality, Service Efficiency, Cost and Technology, while ensuring product safety and the well being of our employees, customers, users and the environment." The Quality Policy sets the overall behavior of each employee. This motivates employees to actively participate in quality and productivity activities with the aim of satisfying and delighting our customers.

PSi is a quality-oriented and customer-focused company. "Beyond Quality Excellence" - the quality concept at PSi, is synonymous to continuous improvement -- in all aspects. PSi harbors its people by promoting quality as "a way of life". 

The Company has set-up cross-functional teams in all stations and processes to keep track of indices, conduct frequent analysis on different metrics, and develop corrective actions to lock process variables as well as beef-up employee involvement.    

The organization is a team with the Chief Executive Officer and his Senior Management Staff as the top level Quality Steering Committee. This team operates with various Quality Sub-Steering Committee (QSSC) teams, covering all aspects of business and operational/non-operational indices. This approach is designed to promote teamwork among traditional functional departments. Training and the promotion of cross-functional team is the centerpiece activity of our journey toward excellence. 




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