Power Packages
TO-220 Fullpack (Isolated TO-220)

The TO-220 Fullpack package is ideal in providing electrical isolation since the heatsink is fully encapsulated with molding compound. The package offers high performance and compact design.

This package has the same footprint as a standard TO-220 but with an encapsulated heatsink. For users who do not want to employ the use of the surface mount package but need to improve the manufacturability of their system, this is the package to use. No extra hardware is needed to provide electrical isolation between the device and the heatsink since this is fully encapsulated. Thus, this makes it easier to use and assemble relative to a standard TO-220.

The TO-220 Fullpack package provides isolation of up to 5KV and is ideal for various motor drive applications and power supplies.

Package Type & 
Lead Count

TO-220 Fullpack
(2 and 3Leads)

2 / 3 Leads

Package Dimension

Die Pad Dimension

Maximum Die Size

413 x 603 x 185 mils

276 x 248 mils
2 x 153 x 266 mils (Dual Pad)

252 x 228 mils
129 x 246 mils x 2 pads

2 Leads (Real)

Package Dimension

Die Pad Dimension

Maximum Die Size

413 x 603 x 185 mils

276 x 248 mils

252 x 228 mils


Lead Frame

Die Attach


Mold Compound



Soft Solder

Aluminum Wire

KTMC3097G (Green)

Power Dissipation
30 – 60 Watts*
Thermal Resistance



55- 80 ºC/W*

2.4 – 4.3 ºC/W*
Electrical Performance

Voltage Rating

Current Rating

1000 Volts*

76 Amperes*
Product Applications

Diodes (Small Signal Diodes, Zener Diodes)
Small Signal & Switching Transistors (Bipolar Small Signal Transistors, Field Effect Transistors)
Power Transistors (Bipolar General Purpose Power Transistors, Field Effect General Purpose Power Transistors, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors)
Rectifiers (Power Diodes)
Standard Linear Analog (Amplifiers, Voltage Regulators & References)
MOS Logic (MOS General Purpose Logic)

* Customer Product Data

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