Power Packages

SOT-227 is currently PSI's biggest standard power package that can cater for single, dual or multi chip die requirement. It comes with different pad configurations: Single Pad (Pad A) type and Dual Pad (Pad D & E) type. This package has an electrical isolation mounting plane connected by an aluminum nitride (AlN) or Alumina substrate with an isolation voltage of up to 3000 volts. It is designed to withstand the high voltage and high speed switching applications that come with most of the power devices. This is normally used in industrial applications such as elevators, escalators, UPS, welding machines, motor controls, switching, variable speed drives, control devices and other industrial products.

Package Type & 
Lead Count

SOT 227
( 4 Leads)


Package Dimension

Die Pad Dimension



Maximum Die Size

1498 x 978 x 470 mils

Single Pad: 734 x 622 mils (Pad A)

Dual Pad: 510 x 307 mils (Pad D)

510 x 347 mils (Pad E)

Single Pad: 719 x 607 mils (Pad A)

Dual Pad: 495 x 292 mils (Pad D

Lead Frame


Base Plate

Die Attach


Mold Compound


AIN, Alumina


Soft Solder

Aluminum Wire

Power Dissipation
110 - 700 Watts*
Thermal Resistance



40 ºC/W*

0.18 - 0.6 ºC/W *

Electrical Performance

Voltage Rating

Current Rating

1200 Volts*

75 Amperes*

Product Applications

Power Transistors (Bipolar General Purpose Power Transistors, Field Effect General Purpose Power Transistors, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors, Bipolar General Purpose Power Transistor Modules, Field Effect General Purpose Power Transistor Modules, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Modules)
Rectifiers (Power Diodes)

* Customer Product Data

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