Power Packages
PowerQFN 5 x 6 mm


Package Type

Power QFN 5 x 6 mm


Package Dimension

Die Pad Dimension

Maximum Die Size

196.9 x 236.2 x 34.9 mils

177.9 x 131.1 mils

161.9 x 115.1 mils

Lead Frame

Die Attach

Clip Frame (Option)

Wirebond (Option)

Molding Compound

Lead Finish


Solder Paste
88Pb/10Sn/02Ag, 95Pb/5Sn


Al/Gold/Al ribbon

"Green" material

100% Sn

Package Characteristics

Power Dissipation
Thermal Resistance

Electrical Performance
   Voltage Rating
   Current Rating
      VGS = 10V, Tc =25ºC
Parasitic Resistance
Parasitic Inductance
Parasitic RDSon

7 Watts

40 ºC/W
1 ºC/W

25 Volts
25 Amperes

0.12 mΩ
0.59 nH
2.29 mΩ

Product Applications

Diodes (Small Signal Diodes, Zener Diodes)
Small Signal and Switching Transistors (Bipolar Small Signal Junction Transistors, Field Effect Transistors)
Thyristors, Standard Linear Analog (Amplifiers, Voltage Regulators and References)
MOS Logic

Note: Values indicated in the PowerQFN packages electrical and thermal characteristics are from customers' product data.

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