Power Packages

QFN (Quad Flat No-Leads) is a leadless package with peripheral terminal pads and exposed die pad for enhanced thermal performance.

PSi's PowerQFN technology combines some of the best performance advantages of chip-scale packaging and multi-chip modules resulting in improved power-handling and thermal advantages over its discrete counterparts. It offers:

  • Lower thermal resistance
  • Lower inductance 
  • Lower capacitance  

The smaller and thinner package brings the added benefit of product miniaturization.

PSi's PowerQFN utilizes a unique solder die attach process in combination with clip attach, aluminum or gold wire bond interconnects.

Our PowerQFN package sizes will range from 2x2 mm up to 12x12 mm. We have the capability to match every customer's desired footprints, within the array of QFN package dimensions. 

PowerQFN could be used in a variety of applications. Applications requiring improved thermal performance, reduced size or weight and low standoff height will significantly benefit from these packages. Some of these applications are cell phones, PDA's, portable music and video players. 


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