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Power Modules

A module is a self-contained assembly of electronic components and circuitry. In a power module package, one of the essential advantages compared to discrete designs is the isolation between the baseplate of the module and the parts subject to voltage tested. This makes it possible the mount down of any number of the same or different modules on a common heat sink. It is feasible to use standard housing or casing with appropriate accessories such as power terminals, isolation substrate, power semiconductor and IC control chips that are designed to meet the specific packaging needs of customers. Because of this, power modules are capable of very high voltage, high current applications.

Our Power Modules may be custom-designed to meet the specific packaging needs of customers in the following product technology: IGBT, Rectifier, Thyristor, FET, Bipolar. The packages are mainly used for high power industrial applications, such as in battery chargers, power supplies, motor controls and variable speed drives.

Currently, PSi has the following manufacturing options and arrangements with our existing customers, which we also offer to our potential business partners for Power Modules packages:


Package Type & 

Power Modules - standard or customized casing

Manufacturing Options

Captive Line




Modular/Open Line


Consigned Materials

Consigned Equipment

Transfer of Technology


Consigned Materials or Turnkey

Transfer of Technology




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